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Hassle Free Moving Truck Hiring Service In Melbourne

When it comes to moving houses or setting up a new workplace, there is a lot of items such as appliances, furniture and more, to be moved about. It might be cumbersome, laborious and expensive to do this is small, multiple batches in your personal vehicle. Understanding the huge needs of our customers, Western Car and Van Rentals have a fleet of moving trucks available for rent. Starting from about 10 ft to over 24 ft, our trucks come with a capacity of about 9 tons. Our heavy-duty vehicles are sturdy and well maintained, at the same time the cheapest truck rental in the suburbs of Melbourne.Upon booking, we arrive at your doorstep and assist you with your moving and transportation needs.

One Stop Removal Truck Rental Service In Melbourne

When you hire a moving truck or a small lorry from us, we assist you at every stage of your moving process. Our assistants help you in carefully wrapping and packing all your items, first using bubble wrap and then into cardboard cartons. Then they are loaded into the van or lorry where they are stacked and fastened with precaution. Even at your destination, the assistants meticulously unload the articles, unpack and assemble them as per your instructions. Care and precaution is taken at every step to ensure that your valuables are not subjected to any mishandling, damage or breakage.

We allocate trucks for hire periods based on your requirement – daily, monthly or long-term. For business purposes such as delivery services, we can offer your discounted packages. We have provisions for self-drive and driver added vehicles. Hiring an expert driver from us facilitates your business, as you do not have to worry about the hassles of busy traffic or parking options because the driver takes care of it all and you can focus entirely on your businesses.

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